Descend Into Darkness 2

USA 2005

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Directed by Stephanie Aldridge

a.k.a. Descend Into Darkness 2

Dana Aritonovich as Crime Scene Photographer
Demona Bast as Faith Stevens
Travis Bowen as Dr. Krazonovic
Cindy Breda as Regina Hellsinger
Brittany Buescher as Candy
Julio Castillo as Kristen's Boyfriend
Emery Ceo as Officer Fairbanks
Jeremy Cottrell as Victim
Heather Leigh Davis as Raven/Andrea
Theresa Fazekas as Detective Victoria Jensen
Gina Marie Ferraro as Autumn
Joel Foose as Bartender
Nathan Garrett as Brad
Tina Jane Goldfarb as Amy Hart/Danielle
Chris Hanna as Steve the Coroner
Roe Harper as Amber
Gwendolyn Kiste as Christy Jennings
Suzi Lorraine as Angela Harrison/Michelle
Brendan Malloy as Rick
Devon McCann as Master Vladimir
Javon Morrow as Dr. Keaton
Acid Pop Tart as Female Vampire
Christina Sadowski as Julie
Caroline Sassetti as Rachel
Rebecca Scavone as Bowling Alley Victim
Stacey Sparks as Rebecca Bradford
Isabelle Steven as Special Guest Apperence
Megan Sutton as Victim
Lee Turner as Kurt

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