Raising the Stakes

USA 2005

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Raising the Stakes
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Directed by Justin Channell

Steve and Bob are two guys who enjoy their fanboy role-playing lifestyles a bit too much. Their obsession with vampire role-playing games leads them to decide to become vampires and get revenge on a world that doesn't understand them. Unfortunately for them, it takes a bit more than cheap Halloween makeup to scare people, so their attempts just lead to even more ridicule and physical harm. But that all changes when they discover a dealer of the occult named Maxwell Selwyn who can give them want they want: a potion that will turn them both into vampires. They fork over the money and sure enough, their dream comes true. They set out to finally get revenge on the world that rejected them... only to find they were better off with the cheap makeup

a.k.a. Raising the Stakes

Josh Lively as Steve
Zane Crosby as Bob
Ryan Stocking as Maxwell Selwyn
T.J. Rogers as Chad/Homeless Guy
Jordan Hess as Mario
Drew Smith as Mike
Nino Mancino as Sex Offender Marty
Jessica Togias as Jessica
Ellie Santy as Julie
Jeff Channell as Store Clerk
Nick Shomo as Alex
Michael Benzo as Ding Dong Ditcher #1
Justin Channell as Ding Dong Ditcher #2/Robert Mesko/Panda Guy
Richard Crosby as Ding Dong Ditch Victim/Guy Eating a Sandwich/Tazer Guy (as Richard 'Nips' Crosby)
Chuck Deem as Blind Guy
Richard Dyszel as Union Vampire (as Count Gore De Vol)
Amber Eakin as Cynical Girl
Holly Halderman as Mace Girl
M. Catherine Holseybrook as Mira, The Lesbian Vampire (voice)
Lloyd Kaufman as Floyd Faukman
Matt Lake as Michael (IRS Agent)
K.W. Murphey as Irate Guy
Michael O'Conner as Phil
Matt Perich as Potion Buyer In Video Store
Aaron Richmond as Man In Glasses (as Aaron 'Squeak' Richmond)
Caleb Robinson as Ray

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