Flemish Vampire, The

Belgium 2006

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The Flemish Vampire
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Directed by R. Kan Albay

Frank, a vet, discovers that his daughter Anne has a lesbian relationship which is hard for him to accept. He decides to drive to the theater to talk to his daughter who is performing a play named 'The Flemish Vampire'. Before he can confront her, in a theater in Flanders, during a play about demons, angels and vampires, a legendary evil demon will awaken after 500 years of dwelling. On this stage the ultimate battle will settle

a.k.a. The Flemish Vampire

Chahid Abdessalami as Ali
Nele Allaert as Marjan
Jamal Boujouh as Slotenmaker
Tatar Cahit as Van Damme
Hugo De Beul as Bob
Yoeri Debruyn as Jack
Youri De Bruyn as Jack
Sven De Ridder as Johan
Veerle De Rooster as Danseres
Sofie Dykmans as Veronique
Atilla Erdem as Tom
Carlos Fassaert as Salih
Saskia Gijsels as Michelle
Michel Halin as Tim
Rik Hancké as Jacob
Miel Heirbaut as Frank
Mina Iskander as Bert
Pholoso Selebogo as Schminkster
Brahm Shah as Tony
Reimond Van Den Brempt as Reimond
Sanne Van Giel as Receptioniste
Angel Van Saet as Ursula
Monica Verhofstadt as Anne
Serdar Yildrum as Murat
Bilgin Yokus as Helena
Victor Zaidi as Kaplan

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