Sweden 2006

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Directed by Anders Banke

Annika, a medical doctor and her 17-year old daughter Saga have just moved to a small cold town far up north, as Annika is going to work at the hospital there. At her new school Saga meets a bizarre girl named Vega. Pretty soon, all hell breaks loose

a.k.a. Frostbite

Petra Nielsen as Annika
Grete Havnesköld as Saga
Emma Åberg as Vega
Jonas Karlström as Sebastian
Måns Nathanaelson as Lukas
Carl-Åke Eriksson as Professor Gerhard Beckert
Mikael Göransson as Jacob
Anna Lindholm as Mona (as Anna Lindholm Rosendahl)
Björn Andersson as Dr. Nilsson
Sara Arnia as Kajsa Falk (as Sara Arnia-Bredefeldt)
Hubertus Buchinger as Jochen
Anders Carlsson as Rauni
Erik Dalin as Sander
Nour El-Refai as Cornelia
Niklas Grönberg as John
Elin Gustavsson as Coma Patient
Thomas Hedengran
Gustav Johansson as Joel
Linnea Jonsson as Cissi
Patrik Karlson as Udo
Eric Lagergren as Aksel
Jonas Lawes as Robert
Joar Löfberg as Rune
Per Löfberg as Beckert (Young)
Ulla Lyttkens as Head Nurse
Jens Olsson as Karl
Kristian Pehrsson as The Shape
Karl Penser as Hannes
Aurora Roald as Maria
Isidor Torkar as Cornelias pappa
Mikael Tornving as Police
Malin Vulcano as Vampire (as Malin Norberg)
Kenneth Waara as Police 2
Eva Westerling as Cornelia's Mother

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