Creepshow III

USA 2006

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Creepshow III
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Directed by Ana Clavell

This third installment in the George Romero/Stephen King-launched anthology series features five new tales of horror and a wraparound. The main stories deal with alternative realities (Alice), possessed communication devices (The Radio), vampires and serial killers in lust (Call Girl), mad inventors (The Professor's Wife), and hauntings from beyond (Haunted Dog)

a.k.a. Creepshow III

AJ Bowen as Jerry
Kris Allen as Dr. Farwell
Stephanie Pettee as Alice
Emmett McGuire as Professor Dayton
Ryan Carty as Victor
Camille Lacey as Rachael
Michael Madrid as Charles
Ben Pronsky as John
Bo Kresic as Kathy
Roy Abramsohn as Lewis Jacobs
Susan Schramm as Carol #1
Bunny Gibson as Grandma #1
Matt Fromm as Jesse #1
Ed Dyer as Homeless Man - Cliffie
Elina Madison as Eva

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