Desert of Blood

USA 2006

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Desert of Blood
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Directed by Don Henry

A character-driven horror film about a vampire who escapes from fifty years of captivity beneath the Mexican desert. On his quest for vengeance, he is unexpectedly sidetracked when he falls in love with a young woman visiting from the States. His efforts to deny the monster inside him ultimately prove hopeless, as his ever-growing rage finally triggers a bloody terror spree

a.k.a. Desert of Blood

Justin Quinn as Luis Diego
Brenda Romero as Maricela
Naím Thomas as Cris
Mike Dusi as Carlos
Annika Svedman as Amy
Flint Esquerra as Father Hernandez
Tori White as Samantha
Natalie J. Horton as Heather
Yvonne Rawn as Sarita
Josh Adamson as Tommy
Agustin Bunuel as Tomas
Jackie Freed as Socorro
Andrew Welsh as Bobby
Scott DeFalco as Preppy Guy
Chuck Spitler as Ralph
Armando Alarcon as Jesus
Jonathan DePaz as Juan
Daniel Marquez as Flavio
Justin Dickey as Diego
Mirta Sarai Lopez as Eva

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