Fright Club

USA 2006

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Fright Club
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Directed by Antonio Olivas

Three Friends, Dante, Omar, and Kassandra go to a gallery in hopes of joining a 'Fright Club'. Vashista, a mysterious woman, tells them of the club's founder, Gothic Artist Sebastian Crowe, and in order to join they must tell scary stories. In a dark basement they appear before The Elder and tell their stories. They are, 'Little Red Riding in the Hood' (about a Latino werewolf), 'The Boy Who Cried Vamp' (Black Vampires), and 'Spare Parts' (Asian Frankenstein). Who is the Elder and will the Friends get out of Fright Club alive?
Renee Reres as Kassandra
Maryam Basir as Nisa
Mark Bedell as Seth
Jeremy Bouvet as Algernon
Sandra Chavarria as Dominatrix
Caroline Do as Elizabeth Chen
Paula Ficara as Vashista
Denise Gossett as Lucy
Kerisse Hutchinson as Kendra
Von Jackson as Sexy Bartender
Kimberly Shay Jones as Bartender
Donavan Lambert as Body guard
Riley O.
Cindy Pena as Roja
Riley Roberts as Omar
Usman Sharif as Jamal
Gerry Shitey as The Gimp
Robert Sinckler as Dr. Wasserman
Attika Torrence as Gangrel
Stephen Wastell as Sebastian Crowe
Kenny Williams as Detective Van Owen
Leonard Wu as Dante
Adrian Zaw as Dectective Frank N. Shan

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