Hollywood Gothic

USA 2006

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Hollywood Gothic
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Directed by Brian Thomas Barnhart

Caspar DeVries and his film crew want to make a movie in the worst way. By all accounts that's just what they appear to be doing...making a movie in the WORST way, which begs the question - can a movie be so bad it kills? Or is something else bumping off the cast and crew of Carmilla perhaps the worst vampire movie ever shot. And what was Preston Atwood, long time B-film star, thinking when he signed onto the project, hoping to resurrect his faltering career? Now, along with the other members of the cast and crew, they find themselves locked in a creepy old building and defenseless. They must find out what it is that is killing them, if they expect to make it through the night and get out alive

a.k.a. Hollywood Gothic

Ventura Alvarez as Smitty
Brian Thomas Barnhart as Dr. X
David Billman as Atwood
David Carter as Dobbins
Georgia Cobb as Olivia
Robb Donaghy as Rivera
Michael Heister as Marlowe
Matt Kelsey as DeVries
Andrew Kopf as Teague
Danielle Montavano as Emily
Taryn Myers as Holly
Owen Casey Rothestein as Lance
Steve Siegel as Oakes
Erich Trapp as The Monster
Brian C. Weed as Replacement Boom

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