Perfect Creature

New Zealand 2007

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Perfect Creature
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Directed by Glenn Standring

Set during the 1960s in an alternate New Zealand known as Nuovo Zelandia, PERFECT CREATURE imagines a world where vampires and humans peacefully co-exist, with the bloodsuckers the next step in human evolution. This delicate balance looks to be destroyed when an influenza epidemic begins to sweep the human population and one vampire turns to preying on humans. The church sends out Silus (Scott) to catch the renegade vampire, Edgar. Silus joins forces with a human police captain (Burrows), and discovers that Edgar harbors dark secrets.
Dougray Scott as Silus
Saffron Burrows as Lilly
Leo Gregory as Edgar
Scott Wills as Jones
Stuart Wilson as Augustus
Craig Hall as Dominic
Robbie Magasiva as Frank
Lauren Jackson as Stephanie Kelly
Peter McCauley as Professor Liepsky
Stephen Ure as Freddy
John Sumner as Howard Anderson
Roi Taimana as Abernathy
Danielle Cormack as Pregnant Woman
Aaron Murphy as Slum Kid
Scott Morrison as Console Operator #2

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
A million fancies strike you when you hear the name: Nosferatu!N O S F E R A T Udoes not die!What do you expect of the first showing of this great work?Aren't you afraid? - Men must die. But legend has it that a vampire, Nosferatu, 'der Untote' (the Undead), lives on men's blood! You want to see a symphony of horror? You may expect more. Be careful. Nosferatu is not just fun, not something to be taken lightly. Once more: beware.- Publicity for Nosferatu in the German magazine Buhne und Film, 1922  

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