Blood Scarab

USA 2007

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Alisa Robinson as Serving Wench from the movie Blood Scarab
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Directed by Donald F. Glut

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, history's infamous lesbian vampire who, centuries ago, bathed in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth, arrives from Transylvania to take over the Los Angeles castle of Count Dracula, her vampire husband. And that's just the start to what must be the most convulted vampire plot of recent memory!
Monique Parent as Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Brinke Stevens as Professor Foran
Jackeline Olivier as Elana
R.A. Mihailoff as Dungeon Master
Cindy Pucci as Tanya
Donald F. Glut as Mr. Sarno
Alisa Robinson as Serving Wench
Delpano Wills as Nubian Guard
Edward L. Plumb as Mummy Scavenger
Michael Gavino as Video Store Customer
Rock Riddle as Rude Wrestler
Christina Morris as Samantha
Susan Brock as Ingrid
Kent Vaughan as Museum Personnel
Bruce Barlow as Mummy
Jessie Lilley as Museum Personnel
Del Howison as Renfield
Nicolette Lupian as Handmaiden
Natasha Diakova as Mina
Sagreb De La Torre as Delphine
Buddy Friedman as Embalmer
Oliver Rayon as Video Store Customer
Tony Clay as Dracula
Joleen Thornton as Handmaiden
Ernest Carter as Nubian Guard
James M. Myers as Mr. Ostfeld
Lamik Blake as Nubian Guard

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
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