Bloodsucking Cinema (DOC)

USA 2007

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Bloodsucking Cinema (DOC)
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Directed by Barry Gray

The hypnotic attraction that only a stake or sunlight can defeat - the history of vampire films is explored via interviews and movie clips from "Interview With the Vampire," "The Lost Boys," "Dracula," "Blade" and more. A Starz Inside original special.
Uwe Boll, Everett Burrell, John Carpenter, Corey Haim, Harry Jay Knowles, John Landis, Kristanna Loken, Leonard Maltin, Cheech Marin, Gregory Nicotero, Joel Schumacher, Stuart Townsend, Stan Winston, Len Wiseman,

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Fanged Films

Malaysia, 1958
The Curse of the Vampire / The Blood of the Pontianak / The Vampire's Curse
USA, 1973
The Night Strangler

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
A million fancies strike you when you hear the name: Nosferatu!N O S F E R A T Udoes not die!What do you expect of the first showing of this great work?Aren't you afraid? - Men must die. But legend has it that a vampire, Nosferatu, 'der Untote' (the Undead), lives on men's blood! You want to see a symphony of horror? You may expect more. Be careful. Nosferatu is not just fun, not something to be taken lightly. Once more: beware.- Publicity for Nosferatu in the German magazine Buhne und Film, 1922  

Drawn to Vamps?

Vol. 1 No. 2
Dracula Versus Zorro
Vol. 1 No. 18
Guest In the House