Sacred Game

USA 2007

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Directed by Bernardo Chilindron

SACRED GAME follows the journey of a screenwriter, Daniel. As he begins to create his latest script he invites his three best friends for a long, exciting weekend together, for inspiration and research; Richie, Andres and Louis. When Daniel's car breaks down in the middle of an isolated upstate camping ground, it is there, by their campfire, where a young, mysterious traumatized woman, Christina, shows up and loses consciousness. What the four learn during the weekend is that SOME LEGENDS LAST FOREVER. As the men sleep, they have collective horrible dreams about babies, monks, monasteries, a vampire, a Mexican outlaw and a Santus Preliator, Holy Warrior.

a.k.a. Sacred Game

Nelson Vasquez as Daniel
Marlyn Matias as Christina
Angel Ramirez as Richie
Jose Alvarez as Louis / Pito
Ronald Abraham as Andres
Michael Philip Del Rio as Dr. Lopez
Lenny Delgado as Father Patricio
Charles Santy as Butcher
Walter Masterson as Omar
Janett Gonzalez as Mother Superior
Teresa Reynolds Rivera as Carmen
Oliva Chilindron as Sister Christina's helper
Carolina Espiga as Baby
Juan Carlos Espiga as Sister Christina's Victim

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