Dents de la nuit, Les

France 2008

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La nuit Médicis / The Teeth of the Night / Vampire Party
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Directed by Stephen Cafiero & Vincent Lobelle

Best friends and hardcore partiers Sam, Alice and Prune have scored invitations to "Medici Night," the legendary VIP bash held every year at a remote castle. But when they discover that this wild party is being thrown by an elite race of blood-crazed vampires, they'll have to stake, stab, slice, bludgeon and blast their way out of a soiree where the hosts are all thirsty and the bar is now open. a.k.a. La nuit Médicis / The Teeth of the Night / Vampire Party
Patrick Mille as Sam Polisatokoniminsky Frédérique Bel as Alice Wouhou Julie Fournier as Prune Descoins Vincent Desagnat as Edouard Slippe Sam Karmann as Serge Krinine Hélène de Fougerolles as Jessica Conti Antoine Duléry as Paul Lefranc Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus as M. Brunello - Le comptable Jean-Luc Couchard as M. Francis - le Maître de Cérémonie Joseph Malerba as Georges Killmister Julien Boisselier as Régis Spector - Le playboy Stéphane Freiss as Gonzague St Plécy de Barrencouille - Le dandy Tchéky Karyo as Le Duc de Journiac

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