Minty: The Assassin

USA 2008

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Minty: The Assassin - Tabitha Taylor as Double Delicious
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Directed by Eugene Baldovino

This fantastic tale revolves around MINTY, a youthful, raven haired, punk rock, feminist, female super heroine, that gets her super powers from eating chocolate (which is a good source of antioxidants). One day Minty's agent, BIG BOSS, an older and honorable gentlemen, is taken hostage by DOCTOR BRAIN BENDER, the evil neuroscientist. Minty then fights her way up various perverse floors of Doctor Brain Bender's paranormal building to rescue Big Boss. Several unusual villains stand in her way, including DOUBLE DELICIOUS, an intellectual lesbian vampire. Throughout this wild odyssey, Minty educates her adversaries on the fascinating world of natural science and then uses her beauty, her brains, and pure brutality to demonstrate the biological theory of the survival of the fittest. Minty: The Assassin is an artsy indie film that honors the wonderful B-movies that pushed the boundaries of American cinema.
Tabitha Taylor as Double Delicious
Anthony Ray Parker as Big Boss
Hawk Younkins as Captain Capability
Elina Madison as Minty
Jacki R. Chan as Molly Leviathan
Ricardo Mamood-Vega as Zen Cowboy
Chip Joslin as Dr. Brain Bender
McKay Stewart as Sensational Ninja
Elan Tom as Bruce Zee
David A. Lockhart as Rat Monster
Nora Jesse as Cute Postal Woman
Jade English as Hot Security Guard

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