Death of Alice Blue, The

Canada 2009

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Alice Blue
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Directed by Park Bench

Something strange is going on behind the doors of Raven Advertising. It's Alice Blue's first day on the job and already she has set her sights on creating an impressive ad campaign for an important American wine company not too mention the agency's top creative director, Stephen. However the Agency has other plans for her. Reluctantly she befriends a group of co-workers who call themselves The Resistance led by one lovelorn chap named Peter. Peter is convinced something very sinister is at work at Raven and Alice is somehow the key to unravelling the mystery. With the help of The Resistance, Alice discovers ancient secrets and her own genetic predisposition to being a vampire. But in the end, despite the powerful forces allied against her, Alice will abide by no ones rules but her own.

a.k.a. Alice Blue


Alex Appel as Alice Blue
Park Bench as Peter
Barbara Radecki as Sherry
Kristen Holden-Ried as Stephen
Gordon Currie as Julian
Carolyn Dunn as Mary
Veronica Hurnick as Karen
Megan Fahlenbock as Sharon
Conrad Coates as Detective McGregor
Laura Thorne as Rose
Amanda Brugel as Amanda
Michael Caruana as Harold
Juno Mills Cockell as Lindy (as Juno Mills-Cockell)
Ed Fielding as Berry
Katie Griffin as Katie
John Healy as Daniel
Diane Higgins as Goth Girl
Anne Holloway as Annie
Kirsten Johnson as Nurse Betty
David Macniven as Ted
Mort Paul as Don
Mike Stewart as Murdered office worker

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