Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, A

USA 2013

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
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Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour

Set in a fictitious ghost-town called Bad City; overrun with crime and prostitution, it's a place that reeks of death and loneliness. The townspeople are a jaded and strange population, and include a Vampire, a Prostitute, a Pimp, a Drug Addict, a Mean Little boy, a 57 Tbird and the Persian James Dean. Amidst the hopelessness, an unlikely love story quietly blooms--and it blooms blood red. A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is the first Iranian Vampire Western. 



Sheila Vand as The Girl
Marshall Manesh as Hossein
Mozhan Marnò as Atafeh
Rome Shadanloo as Shaydah
Dominic Rains as Saeed
Reza Sixo Safai as Rockabilly
Armin Amiri as The Boss


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