Geudaen Naui Baempaieo

South Korea 2014

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You Are My Vampire
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Directed by Lee Won-Hoi

Gyu-Jung (Choi Yoon-Young) is a 29-year-old fledgling writer. She also works part-time at her mother's side dish shop and still asks for money from her parents. Her personal life isn't in much better shape as she is seeing her best friend's boyfriend (Lee Jae-Yoon). Gyu-Jung then decides to write a novel about a vampire. This is most likely her last shot at writing a successful novel.

A strange man named Nam-Gul (Park Jung-Sik) appears and rents a room at her father's lodging home. The strange man stops by the side dish shop at night and requests custom made dishes from Gyu-Jung. He specifies that all of the side dishes must not contain garlic. Gyu-Jung becomes convinced he is a vampire.

AKA You Are My Vampire


Choi Yoon-Young as Gyu-Jung
Park Jung-Sik as Nam-Gul
Lee Jae-Yoon as police officer
Kim Jong-Goo as Gyu-Jung's father
Moon Hee-Kyung as Gyu-Jung's mother
Mahbub Alam as Bahbub
Jang Yeong-Nam as Nam-Gul's mother 

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