Sins of Dracula, The

USA 2014

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The Sins of Dracula
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Directed by Richard Griffin

The film centres around Billy. As the star of his church choir, there’s nothing that brings him more joy than the opportunity to sing for an audience. However, as his desire to perform grows, the stalwart youth finds that waiting until Sunday to get his fix just simply isn’t enough. Going against the advice of his pastor, Billy follows his girlfriend into the world of secular entertainment, joining the local community theatre troupe. There, Billy is introduced to a whole new world, where his fellow thespians dabble in drugs, sexual perversion, and table-top gameplay. Yet, for all the newly minted depravities Billy encounters, none could prepare him for the darkest truth of them all: The theatre group is actually a front for a Satanic cult intent on raising Dracula from the grave! It’s a world where Sondheim is Satan, Broadway means blasphemy, and where taking the stage just might mean curtains... for your eternal soul!


Jamie Dufault as Billy
Sarah Nicklin as Shannon
Samantha Acampora as Traci
Jesse Dufault as NuWave
Carmine Capobianco as Pastor Johnson
Michael Thurber as Dracula
Steven O'Broin as Lou Perdition
Tobias Wilson as Marty
Aaron Peaslee as Lance
Derek Laurendeau as Bandilli
Jamie Lyn Bagley as Possessed Girl
Anna Rizzo as Possessed Girl's Mother
Christian Masters as Possessed Girl's Father

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