Christmas at Dracula's

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Christmas at Dracula's
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Directed by Simon Mckeon

Told through the eyes of The Invisible Man, Count Dracula has hit rock bottom, so with the help of his noble companion Igor, he decides to throw the greatest Christmas party of all time. But when two killers arrive at the door, things slowly begin to spiral out of control. And Dracula's faith lies in the hands of one creature...death himself!


Conor Dwane as Dracula
Michael O'Dowd as Igor
Lorraine Comiskey as The Wicked Witch
Noelle Clarke as Medusa
John Browne as Lee H. Oswald
Art Kelleher as John W. Booth
Jerry O'Mullane as Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde
Jonathan O'Dwyer as Frankenstein's Monster
Dave McGuire as The Invisible Man
Conor Slattery as The Heckler
Lochlainn McKenna as Wolfman
Mary Pappin as Mina Harker
Colin Patrick Kelleher as Jonathan Harker
Sebastian Thommen as Renfield

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