Angel: Autumnal

Angel: Autumnal
Review by Francisca Goldsmith, submitted on 1-May-2002

72p. illus. Dark Horse. 2001. pap. $9.95. ISBN 1-56971-559-9. LC number unavailable.

Adult/High School -- Based on the eponymous television series, this full-color pair of horror tales smoothly translates characters and plots from one medium to another.

Angel, a one-time vampire and now a force bent on saving the weak and dispensing with the evil, takes on antagonists trying to harm children. In the first story, kidnappers have taken a poor little rich girl to an abandoned amusement park, a place riddled with rats as well as criminals. In the second, a spell cast on a girl condemns her to incinerate anyone she touches.

The artwork is slick and eye-popping, often presenting significant passages of the plot without added text to support the images. Although scenes remain ever chaste, blood flows liberally, and the viciousness of the rats and of the hard-hitting rogues is explicit.

Those unfamiliar with the television version of the character, but who have an appetite for the macabre, will have no trouble falling into step with the tales.

Fanged Films

France, 1923

Mexico, 1967
The Empire of Dracula

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