Angel Season One

The road of redemption begins in Angel: Season One on DVD
by Garrett GodwinPosted April 16, 2007

For over two centuries, he brought the world pain and suffering. A demon with the face of an angel, he is now cursed with a soul. Now leaving his one true love behind, he faces a lifetime of guilt and remorse, coming to the City of Angels with one thing in mind: redemption for his crimes against humanity. Available on DVD, Angel: Season One features 22 episodes with extras, such as a look back of the freshman year and audio commentaries of the season's important episodes:

In the pilot of "City Of" from of writers, creators, and executive producers Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt.

"Rm w/a Vu" from Jane Espenson, who has co-written the script with Greenwalt and teleplayed the episode.

The series Angel (David Boreanaz) follows the vampire with a soul as he resides in Los Angeles, beginning his journey as humanity's champion. In the opening season, Angel has two unlikely allies in his newfound fight against the forces of evil:

Fellow Sunnydale resident Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) -- who dreams of Hollywood stardom....

And Allan Francis Doyle (Glenn Quinn). Half-human, half-demon, he receives visions of people in trouble from the Powers That Be, a mysterious force for good. With the help of these two, Angel starts a detective agency called Angel Investigations with the sole mission of helping the helpless and saving lost souls in the hopes of saving his own.

Season one finds Angel being more standalone, while having occasional story arcs. The freshman year had episode crossovers with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:

"The Harsh Light of Day"/"In the Dark": In Sunnydale, Spike (James Masters) finds a ring that makes any vampire invincible and immune to sunlight and being staked. After being defeat by the Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Oz (Seth Green) heads to L.A. to give the ring to Angel for safekeeping. But in the end, Angel realized that the daytime doesn't belong to him, and knows that he was sent back to Earth to protect the people of the night.

"Pangs"/"I Will Remember You": Doyle receives a vision of Buffy in danger, leading Angel to return to Sunnydale to protect his soul mate. Once Buffy learned his secret visit, she comes to L.A. to confront him. While fighting a demon, his blood mixes with Angel's, making Angel human and finally having a normal relationship with Buffy. But in the end, Angel soon realized that he and Buffy belong in the world fighting the good fight, and only he will remember their perfect day together.

The second half of season one marks the return of ex-Watcher turned self-proclaimed rogue demon hunter Wesley Wyndham-Price (Alexis Denisof), who comes to replaced the dearly departed Doyle-- who passes his "Parting Gifts" to Cordelier, who is now Angel's connection to the Powers.

Like Buffy, Angel had reoccurring characters in season one such as Detective Kate Lockley (Elisabeth Rohm), who was supposed to Angel's love interest in the beginning, and now his antagonist. Lindsay McDonald (Christian Kane), a lawyer for Wolfram & Hart, becomes both ally and enemy to Angel.

Episode highlights of this season includes "Five by Five" and Sanctuary", the two-part arc of rogue vampire slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku), as she comes face to face with her inner demons with the help of an unlikely friend: Angel. Another is "War Zone", the episode that introduces Charles Gunn (J. August Richards), who slowly becomes an ally of Team Angel. "Blind Date" starts Lindsay's arc as he aids Angel in saving blind children from a blind yet deadly assassin.

The finale, "To Shanshu in L.A.", finds Angel slowly discovering his true purpose, as he seeks out to stop the rising of a powerful demon named Vocah and Wolfram & Hart, who plans to cut the heroic vampire off from the Powers That Be. The episode marks a turning point as it sets the stage for the story arcs of season two.

If it takes an eternity, he will make amends.

Watch as an angel of darkness becomes an angel of light in Angel: Season One, available on DVD.

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