Blood Calls

Review by Jamieson Villeneuve
May 18, 2007

BLOOD CALLS by Caridad Piniero

Diego Rivera is no stranger to loneliness.

Alive for thousands of years, he has denied himself the one thing he has always craved most: the love of a woman. After his wife's betrayal, and his vampire lover's demise, he knows that there is no love for him in the world. There is only pain; darkness.

There is only Blood.

Until he Diego finds himself involved with Ramona Escobar. A talented artist, Diego offers Ramona a show at his gallery while trying to ignore the growing passion between them. Diego knows that he could not watch another he loved die. The only way for Romano to be with him forever is to bite her, to turn her.

To answer the call of the Blood.

But the situation changes when a crisis comes to light: Ramona is in trouble. Desperate for money to care for her ailing mother, Ramona took a job for Frederick Van Winder, reclusive millionaire. What he wanted her to do was simple: paint copies of masterpieces. What she didn't count on was having him pass her copies of as originals.

Ramona turns to the only person she can think of to help her. Diego. But there is one thing she does not tell him: that she is dying. Now Diego is faced with a choice that he does not know he can make. Whether to let Ramona die or to turn her into a vampire.

But when Ramona is kidnapped, Diego must fight to save the woman he loves, or risk losing her forever.

Blood Calls...

This is without a doubt the most sensual vampire novel I have ever read. Period, end of story. Pineiro is a million times better than Anne Rice. Being a huge Anne Rice fan, I obviously don't say this very lightly.

Pineiro does something that Anne Rice can't do: she gives life and depth to her vampire characters. There is such depth that they are almost human. In fact, Diego is a constant struggle between good and evil, between giving into what he wants and running away from it.

There is such flow in the prose in Blood Calls that it goes beyond your normal vampire novel. It evokes grace, beauty and wonderment as you are pulled deeper and deeper into the world around Ramona and Diego. I can't stress how amazing this book is. It's erotic, sensual and a downright fantastic read.

Though this is the sixth book in the series, seven if you include the current online read, the book stands alone and you can read it without any prior knowledge of Pineiro's vampire world or her characters.

I couldn't be more thankful for this as it gives me more to go back and read, more to explore. If Diego and Ramona's story was any indication, you're in for a treat no matter what Calling novel you pick up. The book was beauty itself with a touch of hot fire that made the love scenes steamy, the book hot and the pages fly.

I flat out loved this tale and I'm hooked! I can't wait until the next novel! Heed the Calling and join the hunt for blood.

You won't regret it for a moment.

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