Blood Lust: Conversations with Real Vampires

Blood Lust: Conversations with Real Vampires
Review by The Werewolf of London, submitted on 28-Oct-2001

Title: Blood Lust: Conversations with Real Vampires
Author: Page, Carol
Publisher: HarperCollins, 1991
ISBN: 0-06-016329-1

This slender hardcover practically leaped off my local library's shelf while I was trolling through 'new acquisitions' and since I vaguely remembered an earlier request for information I checked it out forthwith. The author is a former adjunct professor in the graduate writing program at Emerson College and has written hundreds of articles for Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle and many other publications. (This according to the dust jacket.)

The target audience certainly seems to be the Cosmo reader and her ilk; I was singularly unimpressed by the contents. A brief chapter explains why we are all interested about vampires, about their most basic appeal. To quote:

For the majority of vampire aficionados, the appeal is romantic and sexual... After two decades of earnest discussion about relationships and simultaneous orgasms, after careful examination of every motivation to make sure that no one is being exploited, after all that honesty and sharing, many people are concluding that they also want hot sex... In fact, that's all they ever wanted.

Unfortunately, that's not what they get in this book. Instead we have seven chapters about people who drink blood; about someone who seeks publicity by claiming to hunt vampires; about a vampire weekend in North Yorkshire (they have a fancy-dress party, tours of Whitby and environs, trivia contests and a film fest); about Vlad, the singer-songwriter of Dark Theater, who thinks he's the reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler; about several people whose hold on reality is tenuous at best.

Along the way we also get a reasonably good Vampyres songlist (ever hear of "Blood Banquet" by Mighty Sphinchter? I hadn't either...) and a list of fan organisations, clubs and newsletters on both sides of The Big Pond. Nothing about our dear list, more's the pity.

I wasn't particularly impressed by this book. It's a good thing I got it at the library, I'd be less than sanguine about getting bled for $17.00 at the booksellers. In short, Ms. Page adds neither to the theory or folklore with this tome; its chief purpose is to titillate. As my own tits remain totally un-lated, I'd call her attempt a dismal failure. One fang out of five, only for the songlist and pointers to newsletters.


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