Chibi Vampire Vol. 5

Review by Christopher Seaman
Submitted on September 4, 2007

Karin is a girl next door like no other girl you'll ever meet. She's a teenage vampire from a family of vampires who live down the lane. But you could say she's the "light" sheep of her family. The rest of her clan is proud about their vampire heritage, filling the nights with quenching their thirst for blood. They love dark gothic clothes, can summon bats to do their bidding, and shun daylight and human companionship - except when it comes to meal time. Karin loves pink, she goes to a human school and loves the outdoors. In fact she's nothing like any vampire you've ever heard of. Sweet Karin is a unique vampire in many ways, but one in particular stands out above all others: she doesn't drink human blood, she needs to infuse humans with excess blood that she carries. It seems she's an infuser. When she's around the right blood type - those who are unhappy - she suddenly builds to bursting with excess blood unless she bites that person and fills them with it. And unlucky Karin is about to meet the new transfer student. The new boy Kenta is the unhappiest guy around, and he sets Karin's blood gushing - literally. Can these two opposites, human and vampire, come together without calamity following?

A creative romantic comedy like none other, Chibi Vampire will win you over with its wonderfully engaging art work and story. Unique, it's creative take on vampires shows ingenuity and a refreshing comedic take on the plight of those creatures of the night. The inspiration for a novel series and the animation called Karin; Chibi-Vampire is a manga series rich with laughs, supernatural mayhem, and crazy love in the unlikeliest of places.

In the latest volume, Karin has realized that she has feelings for Kenta. But does Kenta feel the same way? Before she can figure it all out, her grandmother rises from the grave (yep, that's literally) to wreak some havoc in everyone's life. Elda looks almost exactly like Karin except that she's a full fledged vampire with a hunger for blood to match! And she hates humans, every last one of them. Now Karin's undead family is frantic to keep Karin's human love and un-vampiric state a secret from the all powerful and wicked Elda. But what will happen if Elda finds out just who her granddaughter has her eye on?

There's lots of excitement, mistaken identities and even suspense in the latest manga volume of Chibi-Vampire. Elda's appearance really strikes an interesting spark of showing more of the vampire side of life to the manga series. Although primarily filled with comedy and a bit of danger, the story with Elda has a surprising bittersweet ending with a foreboding tone. It highlights the tragedy vampires face due to their supernaturally long lives. It also brings to light one of the greatest challenges Karin will have if she and Kenta ever date. After all, he is only a mere mortal. There love seems doomed before it can ever start.

Not wanting to end the story on an unhappy note, the author provides readers with a fun and surprise bonus story revealing how Karin's mother and father first met and fell in love. It's a very funny story with a sweet undertone.

This is a fun and creative take on vampire life. Their ongoing undead dramedy is the stuff of fertile story telling and non-stop entertainment.

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