Covenant With The Vampire - The Diary of the Family Dracul

Covenant With The Vampire - The Diary of the Family Dracul
Review by Beverley Richardson, submitted on 30-Apr-1995

This book's vampire villain provided an enjoyable change of pace from the currently popular vampire heroes. Told through the diaries of the three main human protagonists, the story takes place 50 years before the start of Stoker's book. Arkady Tsepesh and his young pregnant wife Mary, have left England and relocated back to the Tsepesh ancestral estate in Transylvania. With the death of Arkady's father, the task of running the estate for Uncle Vlad has fallen on Arkady's shoulders.

From the outset, the reader knows that Prince Vlad is not the kindly uncle Arkady and his sister have believed him to be since childhood. As the story unfolds little things build up, the small family gradually puts the pieces together and realizes that Uncle Vlad is a vampire and they are trapped. Both Arkady and Mary discover different pieces of the puzzle and write them down in their diary. But, in an effort to avoid burdening one another with their worries and problems, they do not confide in one another.

In spite of figuring out that Vlad is a vampire right from the start, I found the book suspensful. Part of this was due to the sinister atmosphere, which is almost palpable right from page 1. Part is due to the sympathy the reader feels for the characters as they gradually learn of the horror around them. Will they learn what they need to know in time to help them? Will each person confide in the others, thereby providing them with necessary information?

I found this a very enjoyable and well written book. Kalogridis has ended it in such a way that a sequel is possible. I truly hope one is forthcoming.

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