Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality

Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality
Review by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 15-May-1998

A version of this review appears in The Vampire's Crypt 17 (Spring 1998). The Vampire's Crypt web site is:

Susan M. Garrett. FOREVER KNIGHT: INTIMATIONS OF MORTALITY. Boulevard, 1997; ISBN 1-57297-313-7; $5.99/$7.99.

Nick Knight, our favorite angst-ridden vampire cop, is trying yet another gimmick in his unending attempts to become human: a dream doll, a pocket-sized wicker figure that, according to its source, will "lead you to what your heart desires most."

What it in fact leads to is a series of bizarre dreams in which Nick and the vampires he knows in waking life are all human and the humans closest to him are vampires. It is a time of near- revolution. In a universe reminiscent of Newman's ANNO-DRACULA or McCammon's UNDER THE FANG, vampires are slowly taking command of society, occupying positions of power ... and an artificial blood plant is about to come online. As human resistance leader LaCroix observes, once that happens, humans will only be a nuisance to the new master race.

As if being a cop and (covertly) a member of the anti-vampire resistance isn't hard enough, a new wrinkle arises for Nick on the job: he is given a promotion, which means promotion to another state of existence. If he turns down the chance to become a vampire, he has to leave the force -- which in practice means becoming vampire fodder. Given only a few days to decide....

In the world we know, Nick faces the usual conflicts: LaCroix telling him to knock off the silliness of wanting to be human; Vachon, another old vampire, in romantic pursuit of Nick's human partner Tracy; and a new twist: Nick's increasing physical weakness. Apparently it is due in part to sleep deprivation, for the dreams of the other world are like waking time to him, but it also seems that the other reality is seeping into this one and vice versa. As the vampire Nick increasingly takes on human characteristics, the human Nick is acquiring vampire traits....

Susan Garrett has a long history of writing for the vampire fan community; I remember being bowled over by the slickness of the book reviews she wrote in THE VAMPIRE QUARTERLY, a fan periodical she edited in the mid-1980s. FOREVER KNIGHT fans now know her as the fan who is getting paid for writing fanfic. With INTIMATIONS OF MORTALITY, she certainly has earned whatever they're paying her. It's not just that it's a fast-paced story with an interesting premise and the occasional hairpin turn of plot (although it is that); there is a smoothness, a *naturalness* to the exposition that is almost awe-inspiring. Open the book anywhere. The words *flow*. Sheer style overcomes the gimmickry of the premises (the dream doll, the too-convenient crossing-over of Nick's physical traits in this world and the other). Through complications and compromises and resolutions, Garrett maintains pace and style and characterization with the same unflagging resistlessness. INTIMATIONS OF MORTALITY is, quite simply, a pleasure to read, whether you're a FOREVER KNIGHT fan or not.

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