I, Lilith

I, Lilith
Review by Penny Kaganoff, submitted on 3-Jun-1991

I, Lilith
Elizabeth Leonie Simpson.
The Smith, $12.95
ISBN 0-912292-393-8

Simpson's (_Stranger from Home_) new novel is an account of the history of the world rooted in Hebrew folklore, Greek myth and Christian theology and narrated by Lilith.

Since she is made of clay just as Adam was, this mythical first woman believes she is Adam's equal. So when she learns Adam intends "to rule our universe alone, without any argument of even discussion about sharing power," she leaves, opting for evil and roaming the world plotting destruction.

But her relentless pursuit of perversity becomes as boring for the reader as Adam's goodness was for Lilith. According to Lilith, Eve, created from Adam and doomed to subservience, is a ninny; Adam is a lustful coward who copulates with Lilith even after God has given him Eve. This mythical, aeons-old she- devil tells her story in contemporary idiom; the disparity between ancient myth and modern speech is occasionally amusing but more often discordant.

It is hard to know if Simpson is saying unbridled feminism turns women into she- devils or man's refusal to share power ultimately leads to disaster, or if the novel is simply cranky parody.

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