It's Vladimir

It's Vladimir!
Review by Patti Gonzales, submitted on 1-Oct-2001

NOYES, Deborah. It's Vladimir! illus. by Christopher Mills. unpaged. CIP. Marshall Cavendish. 2001. Tr $15.95. ISBN 0-7614-5071-8. LC 00-026173.

Gr 1-3--Vladimir longs to fly to exotic places, haunt Halloween parades, and lurk under bridges like all the other vampires in his family.

The impatient youngster demands to know the secret spell to turn into a bat. His horrible temper tantrums cause his family to vacate the castle, leaving Vladimir to tromp through the vast halls by himself.

During his cousin Veronica's annual visit, she tells him that he is still not ready for his wings. Vladimir decides that he is going to "take matters into his own hands" and go out into the world to find out how to get his bat wings. He meets a moth, a family of owls, and a dozen fireflies and becomes more aware of the need to have friends and family. After observing his progress, his family decides that he has earned his wings at last.

Children will probably enjoy the vampire theme, but it is debatable whether or not they will grasp the idea that temper tantrums aren't the way to get what they want. Mills's illustrations, using oil glazes over acrylics, are rich in color and some of the details are amusing (little vampire-bat slippers, mice with bat fangs) but Vladimir's facial features are distorted and unattractive. Not a first purchase.

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