Lost Boys 3 - The Thirst


First of all before I write this review I need to be very frank with all the readers... I am a child of the 80's and NOTHING will ever be as good as the original Lost Boys so I had to try and keep from comparing the two during the movie. There is no better or no replacement for Sam, Michael, Star, The Frog Brothers, or David and the brothers so this review is based up my bias from the beginning. There are SPOILERS so be warned.

I watched Lost Boys 2: The Tribe and was very disappointed and was very hesitant about this movie. But, the beginning brought me a little hope because it tied together what was the alternate ending of The Tribe (where Alan was a vampire on his way to see Edgar) and how he came to be a vampire. This had never been explained.

The acting wasn't that great in that scene but it tied that ending into this and intorduced an important player for this movie - the Congressman who later will bring the weapons to Edgar is this man that they saved. His commnets about the hockey puck weapon being picked up at the "Groom Lake Facility" and Edgar replied. "Grays are great at making weapons." Both are references to Area 51 and aliens and leant to the idea that in this world there are more than just vampires..there are aliens as well.

The continual flashbacks to the original movie with scenes of Sam, played by the late Corey Haim was a great tribute to him. The scens where they first met in the store and the fighting of the vampires were really some of the best that he did. But, the greatest tribute ot Haim was the sentimentality of Batman #14- the first comic book that was introduced in the original movie as the Corey's first conversation. He later left it at Sam Emmerson's tomb stone.

The flashbacks along with the five minute explanation of where Laddie, Star, Michael and Sam are today. The explanation that Sam was turned and Edgar had to kill him really was heartwrenching especially with the realness of Haim's death last April.

The reference to Barnes and Noble's the product placement of the Kindle at the end and the reference to emo goth teens and their romantic vampires are all a stab at modern vampires that are contributed to the fall of the traditional vampire that is seen as a vampire. The conversation between Edgar and the pararanormal author, Gwen Liber is priceless. Edgar spoke for all the male vampire fans in the world when he described the new vampire books as supernatural bodice- rippers. It was classic! In this scene you really knew that she would be the typical modern vampire fan- " Oh please turn me". The result of that scene could have made or broke this movie...the result stayed true to the monster vampire.

This movie had some scenes that were easily predictable in some parts- the alpha vampire and the death of a few characters. The story arch with Lars was the worse part of the movie..it made me want to fast forward through his scenes or just rip out his heart like this beefy vampire did.

The story was strong though with a few comedic parts thrown in as a nod to the original story writing. The storyline with the Frog Brothers are typical but adds a lot to the story..not just thrown in. This plus the use of the songs from the original movie puts an 80's fan in a reminsent mood. It was also cool how when the Alpha was telling the story about his "time" that they used the same lines from the original movie and the scene was very similar to the other.

What I thought was funny was in this movie, and please let me know if I am missing another reference but what is the deal with the Bugs Bunny ring tone and the cartoon of him talking to Dracula. Was it an inuendo that Bugs Bunny was a vampire hunter?

But, my favorite part of the movie was the girl who worked in the comic book store. Her comedic part ehen meeting Blake, the earlier congressmen, her reactions to the vampires and the chemistry with Edgar was awesome and what really helped seal the movie.

Anyone who has watches movies knew that she would become a typr of "interest" for Edgar. This was only hinted at and done well for this type of movie. Zoe was great but the hints that she had holy water, didn't question about vampires and there were postings of werewolves on the wall in a scene of the movie should have hinted to her being a werewolf..thus the ending. Was this a hint for a fourth Lost Boy?

This sequel is what should have been instead of The Tribe. It would be greatly appreciated by anyone who was an 80's fan of the original cult hit. The acting was similar to the original, you will notice when you watch the original before this one. The story was great and it seemed to end the storyline of vampires...by killing the alpha. So, what's next for the Frog Brother's - werewolves?

This movie can be found in Lexington at Best Buy and Wal Mart or on Amazon.com here for $17.49.


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