As One Dead

As One Dead
Synopsis courtesy Nancy Kilpatrick, submitted on 9-Oct-2001

As One Dead
by Nancy Kilpatrick and Don Bassingthwaite.
White Wolf Publishing, 1996. (WW 11517)

The Sabbat hold Toronto, a city of over three million humans. A band of renegade Camarilla helped them take Toronto and, in return, they were given 'The Box', a two-mile-square parcel of land in the downtown core. The Box is home to the city's Goth subculture, artistic community, avante garde thinkers and other elements of society's underbelly. Ripe pickings for the 24 Camarilla existing within these boundaries. But The Box is still a prison. And when a beautiful vampire named Bianka comes into The Box to point this out and stir up trouble, the Camarilla are divided: follow her lead and rebel against the Sabbat, or live forever as slaves within their dark empire.

But the Sabbat have their own agenda, personified on the one hand by Bishop Fletcher, the most evil, bloodthirsty killer, prone to torture, and Lot, rational, courageous, honest, but relatively powerless.

Sabbat politics mingles with a fated encounter between Bianka and Lot in a powerful story of intrigue and tragedy.

This is set in the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade but does not require prior experience with the roleplaying game.

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