Review by Harriet Klausner, submitted on 14-Aug-1996

Kimberly Rangel
Leisure, Aug 1996, $5.99

She was the last fertile member of her kind, but she refused for twenty-five years to give in to the dark desire that was tearing her apart. Only for her sickly mother would exotically beautiful Selene De Marco risk inciting the Change by approaching bounty hunter Reese Christian and begging him to mate with her. He is the only hope she has for breaking the Curse. Unknown to him, Reese is one of the Blessed, the only man on the face of the earth who can redeem her and save her mother from death.

Yet, there is another Shadow, the last male of his kind, who will not let Selene escape her destiny. He is the latest quarry of Reese's hunt. Selene promises to reveal his identity to Reese if her bounty hunter agrees to become her lover. Before their pact can be completed, Selene discovers that her mother died and flees, knowing that she cannot risk Reese's life for her own survival only. Reese hunts her down and learns the truth behind her human guise. He also realizes that he cannot live with the idea of killing the only woman he ever loved, despite what she could become.

For anyone who loves the supernatural, particularly the shapechanger legend, SHADOWS is a book that must be read. Kimberly Rangel has created a hauntingly erotic and otherworldly romance that is unique, refreshing, and full of exciting surprises. This work is the first of its kind and is a powerful testament to the potency of love. This author has a long and bright future ahead of her.

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