Trinity Blood, Volume 3

Review by Holly Ellingwood
July 18, 2007

Months have passed and now Esther is a full sister. Working at the Vatican, danger appears quickly as Cardinal Caterina's attempts to raise secret peace talks with the Methuselah Empire are met with assassins and treachery on the Vatican grounds!

An emissary of the Empire has been sent to Cardinal Caterina for secret peace negotiations, but the appearance of an assassin and Esther's odd bit of luck finds her running smack into trouble! Now her destiny is tangled up with that of the vampire emissary when she is the one who has to escort him back to the Methuselah Empire. With this mission she has help from Abel Nightroad. However, when the strongest and most ruthless knight of the Inquisition is dispatched to dispatch them, Abel is separated from Esther to fight the deadly knight Petros while Esther and Ion must make their way in the underground catacombs with a traitor in their midst!

Vampires, danger and treachery lurk everywhere in the latest volume of Trinity Blood. The Vatican has a rich European feel to it as well as the characters, as negotiations, secret missions, and betrayal fill its halls. There's even a vampire attack in broad daylight. Who can be trusted? When politics turn deadly, the cardinal turns to Nightroad. But just how much longer can he protect Esther from his frightening secret of what he truly is?

These latest chapters see a new story arc unfold as Esther is sent on the crucial mission of protecting the Methuselah emissary and returning him safely back to the Empire. It puts her in direct contact with vampires, the very same creatures that killed those dearest to her. This won't only be challenging for her. The Methuselah Ion is a high ranking noble of tender years who lets his arrogance speak for him. His fear and hatred of humans may even rival Esther's for vampires. The big question is can these two get along enough to survive the ordeal ahead of them? With enemies of both empires hunting them down and separated from their friends and allies, Esther and Ion are about to be tested more harshly than either could have imagined.

Extras in this volume include character sketches with author notes, a preview of the next volume, and a bookmark of Petros exclusive to this manga volume. This volume also has a memorial statement for the passing of Sunao Yoshida.

Trinity Blood surpasses other vampire manga series with its mastery of Gothic European style and beautiful vampires ruling the night.

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