Vampire Hunt

Vampire Hunt
Review by Diane Balodis, submitted on 1-Aug-2001

The Vampire Hunt (unabr.). 4 cassettes. 4:45 hrs. Prod. by Chivers Press Ltd. Dist. by Chivers North America. 2001. ISBN 0-7540-5203-6. $32.95.

Gr 4-8--Count Alucard, the vegetarian Transylvanian vampire, prefers tomato juice to human blood, transforms into a fruit bat at night, and is generally a harmless soul. Unfortunately, his neighbors in Tolokovin don't understand this and delegate the town sheriff, Alphonse Krapottle, and the baker, Karl Gustare, to hunt him down and drive a stake through his heart on the eve of St. Unfortunato's Day. St. Unfortunado is the patron saint of Tolkovin who had his arms and legs chopped off.

The story of Count Alucard's travels with Harcourt Heatherington's troupe of actors and his eventual visit to England where he is reunited with his old friends, the Hollings family, is a hilarious romp involving much tongue-in-cheek humor and adventure.

Narrator Nigel Lambert is especially adept at using a wide range of voices in recreating the many characters in the book by Willis Hall (Red Fox, 1999), which is part ora series that also includes The Vampire's Christmas and Vampire Park. His voice is clear and distinct, and his tone adds to the humor.

This recording would be enjoyed by the same readers and listeners who appreciate Gaff Carson Levine's books.--Diane Balodis, Alden Intermediate School, NY

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