Vampire Knight Guilty: the complete series



Yuki is torn between the two people she cares for most when Zero is accused of Shizuka Rio's murder and Kaname refuses to attest to his innocence. Drawn deeper into the world of vampires, Yuki struggles to recall the events of ten years earlier but fails time and again. Kaname evades Yuki's questions about the past, but when her visions of blood grow more frequent and intense, the past may come to light whether she wants it to or not!

The set contains two discs; one standard DVD and one double-sided.

The complete Vampire Knight Guilty sequel with all 13 episodes on 2 discs in a slim box set.


I love Vampire Diaries and Twilight and pretty much anything that has vampires in it. Vampire Knight Guilty has a lot of what makes Vampire Diaries and Twilight so good. Vampire Knight has beautiful men (they are gorgeous!), a pretty girl, and a love triangle between supernatural hunks!

Guilty is the sequel to the first Vampire Knight anime series. It is close to the original manga by Matsuri Hino, but diverges in interesting ways. Shizuka, a pureblood vampire had shown up to get revenge on Zero, son of a legendary vampire hunter family that killed her beloved. He gets framed for her murder and all Hell breaks loose. That, however, isn't even the big story this time round!

The real story happens about midway through the second act. Yuki is haunted by visions of blood and nightmares about her past. She doesn't remember what happened prior to ten years ago when her family was murdered by vampires and she was the only survivor. Now she's looking to open Pandora's Box and if she does -- she may not live to regret it! Forces are moving to hasten her demise. For a woman torn between the leader of the vampires and a Vampire Hunter under a curse, Yuki may be the person who has the most dangerous secret of them all!

Rido finds a way to resurrect himself from the dead to go to the Academy and get his pawns into place to take out Kaname and his main target -- Yuki! Ichiru, Zero's twin brother, is back wanting his own revenge for Zero's killing Shizuka (even though he may not be the culprit).  And the Vampire Senate and Hunter Society, always enemies, may be colluding for a terrible purpose with Cross Academy as their target! Whoa!

What a finale! We learn about Yuki's secret and it is a shocker! We find out about Zero's fate due to a curse twin brothers of vampire hunters hold. We see the final confrontation between the brothers, the big fight at the academy between the senate, hunters and those at the academy who must choose sides once and for all! Rido faces off against nearly everybody, and the extent of Kaname's grand plan -- all for Yuki -- is at last fully revealed. The finale has everything a viewer could want and more! There are stunning revelations, big fights, momentous confessions, and resolutions too!

The show has gorgeous animation done by Studio DEEN that worked on favorites like Fate/Stay Night, Maria Watches Over Us, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, and Read or Die OVA. It has that Gothic atmosphere that is a must for this kind of supernatural love triangle. A lot of washed out colors except for scarlet red of blood, great use of snow and dark railings, the academy which looks very castle-like, and of course the uniforms and pretty, pale faces.  The scoring and music are equally fantastic.


The box set has a simple relationship chart exclusive to this DVD collection.


-- review by Rachel Bentham

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