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Vampire Vacation by C. J. Ellisson



I review vampire books on a regular basis and have liked quite a lot, and disliked even less. I feel that my opinion as a fan reader may not be the same as the next fan of vampire literature. So my policy is to try not to totally destroy a book but to find things that the average vampire fan will like while pointing out the things I personally do not like. Until Vampire Vacation I had never had the reaction that I have had in regards to this book. I absolutely LOVED it, not liked it but thoroughly, totally irrevocably loved every page of it and I wonder to myself how this how book can remain unpublished. So, here is my review.


Vampire Vacation is about a vampire named Vivian who owns a vacationing spot for vampires in Alaska. They partake in a week long sexual exploration of themselves and their mates while they are there through images that Vivian projects onto the guests (that is if they need pushed in the right direction). Vivian and her human husband Rafe are preparing for the next round of guests when they find a dead body in one of the rooms. The guests know the policy of blood donors and they have never had a problem until now. As they search for the killer you meet other characters in the story, and learn a little about Vivian’s dark history. It is a mystery, comedy, erotic, and horror read all rolled into one. The reader and the guests are allowed to partake in several peeks into the sexual escapades of the guests as well as the owners while never losing sight of the plot of the story.


The setting in ingenious- Alaska- where there is little or no sunshine, woods to play in, and an inn that keeps all the players in one place. The idea of a vampire needing a vacation made me chuckle at first. But after reading this story where the vampires are real characters, not blood sucking monsters, or brooding whiny vampires who hate who they are, I can see why these vampires need a vacation.

The character of Vivian is who I would love to be and with whom I identify. She is independent, physically and mentally strong, beautiful, and loves her mate but doesn’t need a man to be complete. She is confident in her sexuality and true to a monogamous relationship that in itself is very strong. She is a very well rounded character that pulls you into the story and makes you want to walk with her in her search for the killer.

The relationship between Rafe and Vivian is very unique in the vampire genre. They are monogamous and yet very passionate. Rafe is her blood bond mate which keeps him from aging without becoming a vampire. They are very compatible and really supportive of each other. The way they work together is like clockwork and the way that they communicate with each other only makes it more special.

The other characters are ones that are quirky in their personality. There are vampires, humans, and werewolves that are strong in their own right as the main characters and at many times just as identifiable.

The plot is strong and intriguing. It is not the basic helpless girl or vampire who falls in love and then has to lose her love or a brooding vampire who hates who they are. These vampires embrace their power, pull humans in as at times as equal, while at the same time showing some superpowers that are pretty awesome such as the historical ideas of turning into mist and animal forms.

I could go on and on about this book and look forward to the day when it is published. C. J. Ellisson is a wonderful writer who really knows her characters. This story is more than a vampire story it’s an interesting mystery that keeps your attention through every little detail. She has announced that there will be a second book called, The Hunt, which when I heard that I chuckled thinking of the last line of the book. I hope that I am asked to read this second book.. it will be a real treat.

Where to find the author
If you would like to support C.J Ellisson in her search for a publisher as well as read several chapters please visit her sites at:

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Re: Vampire Vacation by C. J. Ellisson

Sounds like a great book! I'm often disappointed by novels from established writers, and often find that as yet unpublished authors tend to have a fresh take on the genre. Hopefully she finds a publisher for this one. :)

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